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The Design Manual (770+ pages and free bonuses)

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The Design Manual (770+ pages and free bonuses)

232 ratings

Learn how to design beautiful mobile apps for iOS and Android by combining theory with practice! 🧠

The UI Professional's Design Manual (Theory + Practice) is perfect for...

UI Designers — Improve your design and take your skills to the next level

Developers — Learn more about UI design and don’t rely on your designers

Freelance Designers — Improve your workflow, earn more money, build better products, and deliver projects in no time by following our design framework

Everyone who wants to learn mobile design and UI design in general

What will you find inside? 📦

The full e-book ($88) is divided into 5 parts and 58 chapters, counting 770 pages. 3 parts are theory-based, explaining best UI and iOS + Android practices, and 2 parts are design-focused, going over the Fintech App’s theory and practice.

⭐️ Part 1: Intro to UI/UX, Design roles, How to understand design

The first part of this e-book will show you the basics of UI and UX, teach you how to understand good design, practice good design, and learn good design the fastest way possible!

⭐️ Part 2: iOS Design Principles & native elements

In the second part, you’ll learn about the basics of iOS design, iOS native elements, and effects like blurs, shadows, and colors to improve your understanding of mobile design!

⭐️ Part 3: Android Design Principles & native elements (not available in the $68 version)

In the third part, you’ll learn about the basics of Material design and Android native elements. You'll also learn to create design tokens, color, and type systems. In just a few simple steps!

⭐️ Part 4: Fintech App - design framework

You’ll learn the exact process I take when designing apps for commercial clients - no secrets hidden! Every stage of the process is supplemented by the appropriate template you’ll receive for free with this e-book.

⭐️ Part 5: Design Manual

After you’ve learned all the above, you’ll be taken into the Design Manual, where we cover every screen from our Fintech app, explain the theory and structure behind Onboarding, Account setup, Verification processes, Home screens, tab bars, navigation bars, status bars, etc.

🎁 BONUS: Fintech UI Kit

Lastly, the “Cherry on top” - your own UI kit and practice files to take all the theory and knowledge from this e-book and apply it correctly! Don’t worry; you’re not left there alone. That’s what the Design Manual is for - to guide you by the hand and design everything with me :)

Depending on your experience level, you’ll be able to trace, copy, or replicate the designs by following the best practices and referencing our Design Manual, which covers the theory and layout structure.

What you will achieve by reading it? 📖

The "Design Manual" e-Book will help you:

💎 Master mobile design in the shortest amount of time possible.

With over 770 pages full of pure design knowledge, and a fully explained design framework you can follow from A to Z, you’ll learn the exact process I took redesigning an app for the biggest government-owned savings bank in the UK!

💎 Learn and practice iOS/Android design

You can practice your design skills from the get-go with a Fintech UI kit designed specifically for this e-book. Each of the 100+ screens is meticulously designed and explained in the Design Manual.

You’ll get a special practice file where every screen comes with an empty frame next to it, depending on your skills. You can trace, copy, or replicate the designs, following our guides as your reference.

💎 Learn Figma’s auto layout 4.0 and constraints

By building a fully responsive and dynamic mobile app. Apply this knowledge to your future projects, and awe your clients and your designer friends. I show you everything you need to know to master the Figma basic and advanced techniques!

These are just two of the 770 pages we have written for you! There are no filler pages, just everything you need to know to get the whole picture about the UI, UX, and all you need to know to design better mobile interfaces. We’re hiding no secrets!

+ the amazing bonuses you’ll get 🎁

✅ Design Templates
Entire design framework for all the UX and UI stages

✅ Fintech UI Kit (Android / iOS)
200+ high-quality optimized and responsive screens

✅ Design systems (Android / iOS)
550 components and 60 global styles you can use for other projects!

✅ Fonts, illustrations, icons
every single asset we’ve used to design this app

💫 Recognized by the design community 💫

You don’t have to take my word for it. See what others are saying about this e-book 😊👇

Frequently asked questions 💬

What exactly is a “Design Manual” e-book?

This e-book and the practice files are all you need to learn mobile design and become a better designer. We wrote this e-book thinking about everyone lost in the learning process and missing a real actionable step-by-step guide on delivering a complete project.

I’m a complete beginner. Will this e-book help me?

Of course! This design e-book will teach you the basics of design for iOS and Android, but not only that. It will teach you the basic principles of design and show you all there is to know about mobile design. It’s made for beginners in mind!

How is it different from other e-books?

I’m showing you everything I know about mobile app design. It’s not another book written by a “designer” who’s not practicing what he preaches. I’ve designed over 170 products to date, made multiple-six figures from design alone, and been in this industry for over 6 years. I’m hiding no secrets here :)

Will this e-book help me make more money?

By following the theory and the guide, you will learn how to create commercial-ready projects that I have personally charged on average between £8000- £15000+. If you keep honing your skills after you read it, you’ll be able to attract much better clients that recognize good skills.

Can I use the practice files for my own portfolio?

Of course! The UI kit was made specifically for that reason. To help you get inspired and create development-ready designs to attract better clients. Just remember, don't copy the designs exactly as they are. Change colors and fonts, and play around with the images. Add your own little twist!

Disclaimer: This product is non-refundable because it is a digital product.

If you want to see a FREE sample (60+ pages) before you purchase it, please click on this link.


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770 pages PDF | 200+ screen UI Kit on Figma | Free assets | Mini design system

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