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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design (Landing Page UI Kit + Free Bonuses)

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Learn how to become an ultimate web designer - from running a freelance business to learning design theory and web design processes to mastering design handoff 📝

Master web design and tackle freelancing challenges

✅ Learn proven strategies to find high-quality clients.

✅ Get the tried-and-tested templates I use daily to help you streamline your business.

✅ Build a standout portfolio that attracts top clients, even without commercial projects.

✅ Understand the principles of great web design and build high-converting Landing Pages.

✅ Learn design-to-development handoff on real examples (with multiple handoff checklists).

Get a complete freelance blueprint for $15,000+ months

Learn from my experiences and adopt proven strategies that will elevate your freelance career. I’ll provide you with all the documents and know-how I used along the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Web Design is perfect for...

Web Designers — Learn new things about web design, practice with the Figma files, and take your skills to the next level

Freelance Designers — Simplify your workflow and understand how to price your projects the right way. Get access to freelance documents like questionnaires, briefs, and design contracts

Web Developers — Learn the fundamentals of UI design, typography, color, and principles of visual perception. Don’t rely on your designers as much!

Every creative person — Wanting to master the craft of web design and freelancing!

What will you find inside? 📦

This e-book is divided into 6 parts and 33 chapters, counting 340 pages. Here’s what’s included:

🧳 Part 1: The Freelance Guide
The first part of this e-book will show you behind the scenes of running a freelance business. I go over my personal story, go in-depth about what I did to get my first clients and scale my business to $15k/mo+ months. I also share my sales scripts, contracts, and project documents!

🧑‍💻 Part 2: The Design Basics
In the second part, you’ll learn about the basics of web design, the principles of visual perception, and the foundations of visual design relative to websites. We’ll also cover the theory behind typography and colors.

🕸 Part 3: Designing for the Web
In this part, we go over how I set up my Figma for website design. We’ll talk about responsive design, the box model, web design best practices, and CSS properties. I’ll also share the framework I use to design a high-converting landing page.

🎨 Part 4: The Web Design Process
In part four, we’ll jump straight into my web design process. We’ll go over all of the UX and UI stages. And as the “cherry on top,” we’ll learn about the “perfect” landing page framework and the “box model” to show you how to design with development in mind.

⚙️ Intro to no-code
After that, I’ll introduce you to no-code development tools like Elementor and Webflow.

📝 Part 6: The Design Handoff
And lastly, we’ll finish our ebook with a short guide and checklists to ensure you carry out a design and website handoff the correct way!

But that’s not all yet! You'll also receive practice files ⚡️

Depending on your experience level, you’ll be able to trace, copy, or replicate the designs by following the best practices and referencing your Landing Page UI Kit when working with your Practice Files.

What you will achieve by reading it? 📖

The "Ultimate Guide to Web Design" eBook will help you:

⭐️ Improve your web design skills in days, not years.

With over 330 pages full of web design knowledge, and a fully explained design framework you can follow from A to Z, you’ll learn the exact process I took when designing and developing over 70 websites over the past 2 years alone!

⭐️ Find out my favorite ways to get high-quality leads

Apart from learning the theory, you’ll also read about my personal story, where I share what platforms brought me the most high-quality leads.

⭐️ Streamline your freelance business with DFY documents and templates

Get immediate access to all freelance documents, invoices, contracts, and email scripts I used to get my business to recurring $15k+ months.

⭐️ Kickstart your freelance business and start earning bigger $$$

By following the web design framework, documents, and templates, you’ll be ready to start making websites from the get-go! It’s everything you need to get started.

⭐️ Learn the foundations of a $10,000 website and increase your rates

With a Landing Page UI kit and a Landing Page framework at your disposal, you’ll learn how to create conversion-optimized websites that clients happily pay $5-15k and upwards.

⭐️ Follow my 100-day action plan and start getting new clients!

Apart from the theory and practice, I’ll give you an action plan I would follow myself if I started from 0 to get to where I am in the shortest amount of time possible.

Amazing bonuses you’ll get 🎁

✅ Design Templates
Design framework templates for the UX and UI stages

✅ Landing Page UI Kit
High-quality, desktop, and mobile-optimized frames

✅ Freelance documents
Questionnaires, briefs, contracts, email templates, sales script

✅ Bonus chapter on no-code development

An intro to an upcoming video course!

This e-book is perfect for you if you want to 🤔 ...

  • Improve your web design skills and overall knowledge of designing with development in mind (box model, responsive design, etc.)
  • Increase your rates and make a better living
  • Learn what a $10k+ website design process looks like and what goes on behind the scenes, from getting your first lead on a call, closing them, and sending out contracts, invoices, and briefs
  • Streamline your web design process
  • Practice your web design skills on a real-life website example!

💫 Recognized by the design community 💫

You don’t have to take my word for it. See what others are saying about this e-book 😊👇

Disclaimer: This product is non-refundable because it is a digital product.

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The Ultimate Guide to Web Design (Landing Page UI Kit + Free Bonuses)

159 ratings
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